Our Values

AK Evans is guided by a set of values which inform how we work with each other and how we work with our clients. In all interactions – within the company, in our communities, and at our client sites – we expect our staff to embody professionalism in addition to these four core values.


First and foremost, we work and live by a stringent set of safety protocols. Our “work safe, home safe” mantra reminds us that the way we work impacts our home life and the people who care most about us. We expect every member of our team to arrive at home in the same condition as they left for work.


We demonstrate commitment in two ways – through dedication to getting a quality job done and by keeping our word. When we say we’re going to do something, we work until it’s done, for the benefit of our own company, our partners, and for our clients.


Whether it’s working in a team, contributing to Indigenous employment opportunities, or developing partnerships with clients and other service providers, we know that finding a common ground and working toward a common goal is the most satisfying way to achieve goals. 


AK Evans believes every company has a responsibility to tread lightly on the earth. We demonstrate this through our AK Renewables division and our commitment to solar and wind farm projects. In addition, our joint venture with Maramara ensures we keep the values of the original owners of Australia front of mind at all times.

AK Evans Beyond Blue Initiative

You need to be careful about throwing suggestions around at AK Evans, because you can bet a great idea is going to be implemented. When an employee jokingly mentioned that we should repaint a damaged excavator blue in honour of our Beyond Blue mental health initiative, we made it happen. A short year later, AK Evans Group, in conjunction with Volvo CJD, unveiled two brand-new EC350D excavators with their painted counterweights in support of Beyond Blue. Starting with two and continuing to grow, these specially painted excavators bring much-needed awareness and support to mental health in the workplace, and to remote mine and construction sites in the Pilbara. When the blue excavators are hired to a client, AK Evans donates $1 for every machine hour to Beyond Blue. We double the good work with an invitation to the client to match our donation.