Excavator Hire

AK Evans’ excavators are suitable for a wide range of conditions and projects. They can be delivered anywhere in Australia.

HitachiZX170U-51.7tRubber Tracks / Can fit on Small trailer
HitachiZX50U-35tOn Rubber Tracks
HitachiZX85USB-88.5tRubber or Metal Tracks available
KomatsuPC138US-814tZero Swing or Rubber Tracks available
Caterpillar330F30tFire Suppression and GPS available
VolvoEC350D35tFire Suppression and GPS available
KomatsuPC450 - Longreach45tLong Reach
VolvoEC480D48tFire Suppression available
Caterpillar349F49tFire Suppression and GPS available

Please note: Excavators of any size can be sourced and procured by our team from our widespread network.