Roller Hire

AK Evans’ has a roller for any size project from new construction to repairing or resurfacing existing roadworks. All equipment is maintained by our in-house maintenance crew.

Hamm1.2t Smooth DrumDouble Drum
Bomag2.6t Smooth DrumDouble Drum
Dynapac16t Smooth DrumSingle Drum
Bomag18t Smooth DrumSingle Drum
Bomag20t Smooth DrumSingle Drum
Bomag12t PadfootSingle Drum
Bomag15t PadfootSingle Drum
Bomag18t FadfootSingle Drum
Bomag20t PadfootSingle Drum
AmmannMulti TyreSingle Drum

Please note: Rollers of any size can be sourced and procured by our team from our widespread network.